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Parenting Plans

Why Are Parenting Plans Important?

One of the hallmarks of Ruben Family Law Resolution Services is our significant experience in child custody matters, including interstate and international child custody disputes and contested child custody trials.

If you and your spouse have children from your marriage, it is imperative that you have a parenting plan that reflects your children’s best interests. This is not an opportunity to punish or take aggression out on the other spouse. Rather, it is about ensuring that the children have the best possible care during this difficult transition.

Stephen B. Ruben will work closely with you to work out a parenting plan that is fair, balanced and approved by the courts. We have had stunning success in assisting parents reach an amicable parenting plan and ensuring that children have the opportunity to be raised by both parents. In rare cases when children are endangered, we work tirelessly to ensure that your children are safe.

Experience With Alienation and International Custody Issues Mediation

Ruben Family Law Resolution Services also has extensive experience handling cases involving parental alienation. This occurs when one spouse willfully or tacitly turns a child or children against the other spouse. If you are subject to parental alienation, we mediate all avenues to help you regain access to your child or children.

We also have had significant experience and success resolving international child custody disputes. We understand the laws within national and international jurisdiction and use our state and international connections to negotiate positive outcomes. We have been successful in helping clients reclaim children who have been abducted to other countries and know the ins and outs to prevent this from happening. We are licensed to practice law in both California and Illinois and act as special counsel in other jurisdictions.

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