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Client Testimonials


” Stephen Ruben and his competent staff were true professionals in representing me this past year. They handled my complicated legal situation with approachability, competency, professionalism, and understanding. They represented me well and was successful in receiving monies that were due to me. Thank you, Stephen and Staff for a job so well done!”



First of all, I want to thank the two of you, and your team, for the outstanding work you have done to represent me. I felt I was treated with the highest professional service I could find in this complex case.

I have to confess that as an engineer, I did not have lawyers in my highest list of favorites. The amicable, supportive, and professional attitude from all of you certainly was a big relief to me while navigating in the rough ocean that this battle was for me. Now, I bow to you in gratitude and reverence for the superb professionals you are. You changed my opinion to a more favorable towards attorneys!!! I was very fortunate to trust in your wisdom. I am very happy that I did!

Thanks for the great job!

Val / Engineer


Dear Stephen, Charlotte and the AMAZING Ruben Law Firm Team:
It has been just a week since my divorce was final and this is a much-overdue THANK YOU to everyone at the Ruben Law Firm. I have been walking on air since I walked out of the Marin County Court House last Wednesday afternoon feeling like a 200 pound weight had been lifted from my shoulders and I’ve been exhaling ever since. It’s only now that I can even begin to wrap my brain around what this settlement means and how it will help me to carve out a new and improved life for myself. I was sitting in limbo for over six years and now I feel like I have “my” life back with thanks to you.

When I first met you all back in April, I was at a point where I had lost any hope of this case EVER going my way. The day I walked out of your office, it was the first time I felt heard in this entire long and painful process and I finally felt hopeful. You not only gave me hope but were also kind, supportive and loving. Yes, loving…which is so rare and refreshing. I also felt a great sense of confidence in your expertise and willing tenacity to take on a case like mine. It was certainly a messy one…at least from my perspective. I had not met with any attorneys in this entire process who seemed like they even wanted to touch my case…there were at least five before I was referred to your firm.

Charlotte and Stephen, I can’t thank you enough for fighting such a good fight on my behalf. You are an amazingly brilliant team and I would gladly recommend you both to anyone else that is in my position. The opposing counsel was tough, but in my opinion, she was no match to the two of you. Seriously, NO ONE wants to have you as the opposing counsel. It will probably just not go well for them if you are. How many ways can I say “I’m SO glad you were on MY side?!”

Once again, thank you all! If you need a testimonial from me, I am happy to give one or you are welcome to use this letter as an endorsement for Ruben Law Firm.

Kindest and most grateful regards,

Jennifer S.


I would like to congratulate you for the way you represented me in court. You were clear, specific to the main points, supported your thesis with previous rulings, and assertive when you needed to. You nailed on the head all the main points. Regardless of the decision from the judge, I am very pleased by the way you addressed the court. Your presence and presentation in court today was very important and decisive.
In the tentative ruling, I believe the judge did not take into consideration all the documents and facts presented to her. Your presentation brought to her attention documents she may not have paid attention to. I feel better today after the hearing than I felt yesterday after I read the preliminary ruling. There is so much evidence in my favor that it is unacceptable for the judge to rule against me.
I am counting we will have the hearing in April when I would like to bring witnesses who are ready to be interviewed by you and be at court when called. The witnesses are mature adults 45 to 55 years old who will be very helpful to explain the benefit to my son to have a relationship with me, my parents, my family, and a network of friends who are excited to welcome my son in our lives.
Great job today!!!

Valfredo / Business Development Manager


I had a very positive experience with Ruben Law Firm and would highly recommend Steve and his entire office. He handled my divorce case beginning in 3/2011. Although my case was contentious, Steve was able to bring it to a final conclusion in 2011 (the same year), which minimized the emotional distress and contained the tax consequences to a single year. I wanted good representation to avoid being taken advantage of in court. In the end I felt that I had been fairly represented and my interests had been protected.
I selected Steve Ruben to handle my case because I needed a solid professional who knows the legal code inside and out, had deep practical experience, and had great connections and working knowledge of the local court system. This includes the judges, attorneys, and processes. Steve fit this profile perfectly. It is obvious in the first meeting that Steve has seen it all and understands the many possibilities and options that can arise in each individual case. Steve knows the law and its implications and interpretations; in court he was able to cite from memory the specific cases to support his legal arguments. He had a personal connection to several of the judges who presided over my case.
And he knew what the issues would be and what the timing was likely to be, and could communicate that to me, which was a big asset in calming me down to get through a confusing and emotional time. Steve is also very personable and easy to work with, which is another plus. I would say he is the consummate professional.
Another positive with Steve’s approach is his office staff. He has several paralegals on staff that fielded many of my questions and helped with the input and data collection.
This helps to hold down costs, routine questions are handled by the staff at lower rates.
And the staff helped provide support with the last minute filings and motions, which would have been more hectic in a smaller office.
So yes my experience was positive and I’d recommend Steve Ruben highly based on the result he achieved for me, the way he handled my case, and the supporting staff he has in place.

Hewlett Packard Sale Executive


THANK YOU Colin for your hard work! I very much appreciate your personal attention to my case. THANK YOU too Deneen for keeping everything in order. THANK YOU too Tina for your help in my case. THANK YOU Steve for your invaluable expertise in crafting a mighty strategy to have yesterday’s outcome. YOU really do have magic hands!



Stephen Ruben was undoubtedly knowledgeable, experienced and very intuitive when it came to handling my custody agreement. Setting him apart, was this cornerstone quality: his ability to instill hope and vision into the future and turn a bleak situation to a victorious one. Thank you!

Transportation Management Expert


Steve Ruben and his law firm represented me in a high conflict case regarding complex ../assets and valuation disputes. Steve was recommended as the lawyer’s lawyer in family law.

Marketing Director of AmLaw 200 Firm


In the often incoherent, incompetent and uncaring atmosphere of the divorcing ecosystem, Ruben Law Firm brings a breath of fresh air-coherence, experienced competence and caring.

Mike / Management Consultant

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