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Protecting Your Rights In Child Custody Disputes

The determination of child custody can be a complex matter and one of the most emotionally draining parts of crafting a divorce settlement. Parents often struggle to reach an agreement on child custody details, and there are times when it is important to dispute aspects of a child custody agreement in order to advocate for the best interests of your children.

Ruben Family Law Resolution Services are highly skilled in family law mediation matters, and we understand how to assist you in successfully resolving child custody disputes. Here is a brief guide to understanding the law around custody arrangements and why it is important to work with a skilled mediator to settle your custody disputes.

How California Judges View Child Custody Cases

Going into a case, judges begin by assuming both parents have equal rights to legal and physical custody of their children. A number of factors can influence what custody rights they grant to each parent, including:

  • If either parent has been charged with domestic violence or child abuse, or has made demonstrably false claims against the other parent about child abuse or neglect
  • The degree to which each parent is engaging in co-parenting and communication about the child’s well-being
  • Habits, jobs or behaviors that could endanger the health or safety of the child
  • The child’s preferences regarding custody

The judge will also look at the status quo in the parenting relationship and will seek to preserve its continuity and stability as much as possible, if the current situation is deemed to be beneficial for the child.

We Can Help You Mediate Your Custody Dispute

It can be tempting to try to litigate your child custody dispute. However, it is important to remember that your presentation will be evaluated by a judge who is not on your “side” and may expect you to be as well-prepared as the other parent’s counsel. The mediator, Stephen B. Ruben, who oversees your case will thoroughly examine your situation, suggest strategies for overcoming any challenges, and help you resolved your custody and visitation issues.

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