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International Custody Dispute Mediation

Reuniting Parent And Abducted Child

At Ruben Family Law Resolution Services, we have the experience, reputation and compassion in assisting parties whose son or daughter has been abducted. Stephen B. Ruben is a recognized expert in this field by being listed with the attorney network of the U. S. Department of State. As the editor for the California Law Monthly for LexisNexis, Steve is principal editor providing both case commentary and practice advice tips to other family law practitioners.

Child abduction is the ultimate act of parental alienation and child abuse. According to the Department of Justice, each year more than 200,000 children become victim. Children, who are abducted, whether by a person unknown to the child or by a family member, suffer serious psychological and emotional trauma. This reality is reflected in a statement made by a 11-year-old girl who had just been recovered from her noncustodial mother, when she turned to Stephen Ruben and said, “You guys saved my life.”

We Will Fight For You And Your Child

Cases involving the abduction of a child or a threatened move-away by one parent to another country requires both knowledge and litigation experience of the Hague Convention and California Family Law to address the complexities that are well beyond that of many experienced family law attorneys. At Ruben Family Law Resolution Services, we are committed to mediating and resolving these international custody disputes with advocacy and compassion.

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