Debunking the misinformation about prenups

Getting ready to say “I do” comes with a lot of preparation in most cases. San Francisco couples are caught up in planning and rarely have time to think about anything else, especially not about a prenuptial agreement. No couple marries thinking about divorce, but there should be some planning for the unexpected and that could include a prenuptial agreement, often referred to as a prenup.

Not a plan for divorce

There are many misconceptions regarding the prenup, namely that having one means the soon-to-be spouses believe they will divorce one day, and that’s not so. A prenup outlines the what if’s. It speaks to the division of assets in case a couple’s marriage should end. It is neither a bad omen nor a document just for the wealthy. It has been proven that a prenup can actually strengthen a relationship since it forces a couple to have frank discussions regarding the financial expectations of their marriage.

Common misconceptions

Some of the typical misconceptions about prenups include the following:

  • They mean one spouse doesn’t trust the other
  • Prenups aren’t about anything but money.
  • They are for the spouse with the most assets
  • Prenups cost a lot of money
  • They are only useful during a divorce

Prenuptial agreements aren’t for every San Francisco couple. But a couple that decides it is fitting for their situation will know that they have taken the time for planning their marriage as well as for planning their wedding. No one really knows what the future holds. If a couple with a prenuptial agreement in place does end up deciding to divorce, each person can be sure they have a fair agreement between them via a prenup.