Couples don’t need to be on the same page for mediation to work

Some couples who are divorcing may be miles apart when it comes to agreeing on most issues. San Francisco couples in these cases might not even consider divorce mediation as an option since both may think they’re nowhere near being on the same page. But many professional mediators beg to differ. In fact, another name for mediation is dispute resolution.

Mediators are guides

The mediation process is designed to guide couples through all those rough spots to help them make decisions based on logic, rather than emotion, and to make informed decisions. Couples who agree on every issue regarding their divorce aren’t likely to need mediation. Mediators often help each individual see things from a different perspective, which is empowering. The one thing couples do have to agree on is to partake in the actual mediation process since mediation cannot exist otherwise.

Some issues that may cause contention

Mediators will tell couples they don’t have to agree on everything as they enter the mediation process. It is all right:

  • Not to agree on how to divide assets and debts
  • Not to agree on how to share parenting time if children are involved
  • Not to know what to or where to start
  • Not to agree on whether to sell or to keep the family home

Mediators in San Francisco understand the divorce process. In fact, some mediators are also lawyers. Mediation can be an excellent way to come to an agreement on some very pressing issues regarding divorce, and can save time and money by keeping parties out of the courtroom. Mediators can help a divorcing couple to understand the decisions they are making and can put them in touch with other professionals, such as accountants, financial planners and therapists.