Being rude during a divorce could boomerang

Being rude never works in any matter, and especially not when dealing with a soon-to-be former spouse. San Francisco couples who are heading for divorce need to be mindful that rudeness toward each other may not do either of them any good. It’s ironic that rudeness was likely a part of the marriage for quite some time, and it may be hard to put on the back burner, but necessary in the throes of divorce. Acting like a rational, calm, cool adult may improve certain outcomes relating to important issues like child custody and child support.

Saying nothing

That old adage that says, if one can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all, is wise advice when it comes to a spouse during the divorce process. Negative thoughts should be just those — thoughts. Never voice anything unpleasant, especially when counting on child or spousal support payments. What’s worse is when spouses rake each other over the coals in public. Doing so could affect a person’s social standing or could even result in someone losing his or her job. Keep in mind, without an income, a payor of support would be hard-pressed to make those payments.

Social media should be off limits

When it comes to anything private like divorce, neither spouse should say anything on social media. Posting anything rude or giving out personal details could backfire in court. What was posted could actually be used as evidence in court. A person who does so could hamper his or her chances of receiving a favorable divorce settlement.

It may take every ounce of fortitude to keep silent about a spouse who is soon to be a former spouse. Saying or doing anything unwise during a divorce could be severely detrimental. In any case, each individual should seek legal advice from a San Francisco attorney who is experienced in family law since it may help to understand what can and what can’t be said or done during the divorce process.