Making wise divorce decisions

When couples have realized that their marriages are no longer working and have made the decision to formally end things, there may be trepidation on both parts as to what should take place. Couples in San Francisco who want to divorce need to be aware of some of the laws that accompany the process in order to make informed decisions. Fear of the unknown could keep spouses in unhappy marriages.

Knowing fact from fiction

Many people still believe that child custody is always awarded to the mother. That’s not always so these days. A family court judge will make a decision based on what is in the best interests of the child. The parent who has been the primary caregiver of the child has a better chance of getting custody to minimize changes in the child’s life. It is also often true that divorce doesn’t end bickering between former spouses who may still argue over issues about the children.

Alimony assumptions

It is wrong, too, to assume that spousal support is always awarded to a former wife. Women are earning more money today and as such income, rather than gender is used as a yardstick by the court to determine spousal support. Men are often awarded spousal support if they stayed home to care for the children.

There are other issues regarding divorce that may be confusing. Those in San Francisco who would like to have clarification on divorce issues, should seek the independent advice of a family law attorney. Being represented legally may also help to assure that one’s rights are protected during court proceedings or when ironing out a settlement.