Fathers can get full custody of their children

Family court judges are more open today to granting custody of children to their fathers. Judges always do what they believe to be in the best interests of the children  which is usually ordering joint custody — so divorced fathers in San Francisco who are adamant about getting sole child custody need to be prepared to show why it would be the best case scenario for the children. Historically, it has been challenging for fathers to win full custody, but today more judges are making that decision, especially when there are mitigating circumstances like abuse, mental illness or substance abuse. 

Preparing for a child custody battle 

The latest statistics show that 17.5% of parents who have full custody of their children are fathers. A man who wants full custody of his kids needs to show the court how he intends to manage parenting. It is best that he addresses the court with a full parenting plan in hand and be prepared to foot any questions the judge may have. A judge will also want to see how involved the man is currently in his children’s lives since full custody comes with full responsibility. 

Respect for the other parent is vital 

Even if a man is seeking full custody of his children, he should always treat the other parent respectfully. Judges do not look kindly on parental alienation, so it is important not to speak disparagingly of the other parent in front of the children. This will definitely hurt a father’s chances of obtaining full custody. 

Mediation or arbitration to iron out child custody issues might be a consideration before heading to court. Speaking with a family law attorney in San Francisco to find out what the options are might be wise before making any decisions. There are times when parents can sort out custody details outside a court room which would save time and money.