A child custody agreement can be customized

Children often bear the brunt of their parents’ divorce. If parents who are working out child custody issues put the best interests of their children first, they will consider moving forward in a space of mutual respect. Divorcing parents in San Francisco can work together to customize their child custody agreement so it best suits their individual families since not all families are the same.

There are different types of custody

Physical custody is where the children live. Issues can be ironed out as to whether children will live permanently in one home or share the homes of both parents equally. Legal custody refers to the decisions made regarding the children. It can be shared by both parents or one parent can petition to have sole custody of the children. A custody agreement should always speak to the specific needs of the children.

What if a disagreement can’t be resolved?

Different parenting styles may cause problems. Not being able to agree on some of the more important aspects of child custody may can legal problems and culminate in having a family court judge making those decisions. Again, putting what’s best for the children in the forefront may save much consternation and stress, but both parents have to at least agree to do that.

If a family court judge ends up making a child custody decision, he or she will go over every aspect of the case before doing so. He or she will make that decision on what would be best for the children. If a child custody case in San Francisco heads to litigation, it may be best to seek independent legal advice so as to understand the laws and to understand parental rights.