How mediation can help divorcing couples

There are many potential advantages and benefits of divorce mediation for divorcing couples to consider when they decide how to handle their divorce. Divorce mediation is an alternative to a litigated divorce that divorced couples may want to consider the advantages and benefits of.

The benefits of divorce mediation

Divorce mediation differs from a litigated divorce in several respects. Because divorce mediation can be less acrimonious, less costly and less-time consuming. Potential benefits of divorce mediation can include:

  • Divorce mediation can be quicker: divorce mediation is typically a more efficient and quicker process than divorce litigation which can take a long period of time.
  • Divorce mediation can be less expensive: because divorce mediation is quicker, it can also be less expensive. In addition, it is overall less costly than a lawsuit.
  • Divorce mediation is less formal: divorce mediation allows the divorcing couple to engage in a less formalized process which can allow them to negotiate and resolve disputes more directly through their mediator in a less formalized setting.
  • Divorce mediation is more private: divorce mediation is a more private and confidential process. Unlike the divorce court process, which creates a public record, divorce mediation is a more private process.
  • Divorce mediation can create a framework to resolve later disputes: divorce mediation can help preserve relationships and also create a framework which can be used to resolve future disputes that may develop down the road following divorce such as child support or child custody disputes.

Familiarity with the divorce process can help divorcing couples create a divorce process they have more control over. It can also create a smoother and more peaceful divorce process which is why divorcing couples should be familiar with the benefits of divorce mediation.