Helping a child when grandparents divorce

These days, it is not just middle age adults in California who divorce. More seniors are divorcing, even those who have been married for decades. Known as a “gray divorce,” the divorce legal issues seniors face are different from those younger or middle-age adults face. For example, child custody and child support may not be relevant in a gray divorce. But dividing assets such as a home and retirement accounts come is important and spousal support may also be a major issue to work out.

Tips for explaining a grandparent’s divorce

However, even though their adult children are grown, it is often the case that seniors have grandchildren. It is important to understand that a grandparent’s divorce affects a child, even if the child’s parents are still married. The following are some tips on how to break the news of a grandparent’s divorce to a child and how to help the child cope.

First, do not trivialize the situation. Reassure them that the divorce is not their fault. Finally, let your child come to the understanding that their grandparents still love them very much.

Grandparents rights are also important

And, if grandparents are worried that their divorce will cause their ex’s adult child to alienate them from their grandchild, they may want to seek legal advice to determine what their rights as grandparents are with regards to visitation with their grandchild. While they may not have the same rights of parents, it is still important that they maintain a relationship with their grandchildren if possible. Family law attorneys in the San Francisco area may be a useful resource to grandparents going through a divorce.