The basics of mediation in California

Unfortunately, not every California marriage is destined for eternity. Sometimes marriages just aren’t meant to be forever and in these situations a couple may not know where to begin. A divorce is a big deal and can be complicated and messy. Mediation is one way to obtain a divorce that can be a good option for many couples.

In California, a couple can use mediation to obtain a divorce instead of the more traditional court route. Divorce mediation is a way for a couple to have control over the divorce process and the outcome. The process typically involves the couple and a mediator whose role it is to facilitate the divorce discussion and provide information and options. They will help draft an agreement that is fair for both parties and also can work out a custody agreement and child support agreement.

Mediation can be a good option for almost all couples, even those who are facing a lot of conflict. Mediation is good at resolving conflict in a way that is fair for both parties so that everyone’s best interests are being met. A legal professional who is skilled in mediation can help their client understand what their options may be and help them through the process. They understand this is one of the worst times of their client’s life and they want to make sure their client comes out of the divorce in a good position.

Mediation is a way for a California couple to obtain a divorce in a more cost-effective and less stressful manner. Mediation can work for most couples and most divorce needs.