How is spousal support determined in California?

Although when a California couple enter a marriage with the understanding that it will last a lifetime, this isn’t always the case. Many California couples’ marriages unfortunately end in a divorce. A divorce can be one of the most emotionally traumatic times of a person’s life and it can be hard for a person to deal rationally with the situation. An attorney who specializes in divorce can be a good resource.

As part of a divorce settlement many may wonder if they will be eligible for spousal support. There are numerous factors that will be considered in whether a person will receive spousal support and how much. The court will consider the person’s ability to find a job or receive the education and training necessary to get a job, the extent that a person’s future earning potential was impaired by the fact that they stayed home to take care of the household for long periods of time during the marriage. The court will also consider whether the person contributed to their spouse’s attainment of an education or career position. The duration of the marriage and whether the spouse can make spousal support payments is also considered, along with other factors.

After a divorce one person may feel like they don’t know how they will make it, both emotionally and financially. Spousal support can help ease that worry. A legal professional who is skilled in divorce can advocate for their client’s needs both now and into the future. An attorney understands that their client needs someone on their side to guide them through the complicated divorce proceedings. Emotions can be high during a divorce which is why having an advocate is important in making sure a person is treated fairly.

Spousal support can be an important part of a divorce for some California couples. It is important to have an attorney who understands how spousal support is awarded in order to ensure their client receives their fair share.