How no-fault divorces have benefited some people

It is likely that some people in California have heard the month of January referred to as “Divorce Month.” After surviving the holidays and wanting a fresh start in the new year, many individuals initiate divorce proceedings during the month of January.

While most associate divorce with nasty fights and emotional wreckage, it seems that there also may be some financial benefits to ending a marriage. In states where couples are able to file a no-fault divorce, it seems that women are able to increase their economic power in the marriage. Statistics reveal that among couples in no-fault states, it is 8% more likely that both spouses work outside of the home full time. In the same states, it is 5% likelier for the wife to be in the labor force.

If one spouse has the ability to unilaterally file for a divorce from his or her partner, there is typically a 16% drop in female suicides, a 30% decrease in domestic violence in the home and a 10% drop in women being murdered by their partners. Another statistic showed that in places where women have a higher likelihood of receiving property rights after a divorce, the number of marriages in that state increase.

Divorce can be an agonizing process that puts a strain on a couple’s emotions and finances. There are many areas in which arguments and fights may ignite, like when it comes to alimony, child custody and dividing property and money. Someone who is interested in filing for divorce could discuss his or her situation with an attorney. A lawyer could answer questions about child support, spousal support and various other divorce legal issues. An attorney could even represent a client in court and argue for his or her fitness as a parent or present evidence that shows that he or she should receive spousal support.