Divorcing reality TV stars feud over spousal support

A common perception of divorce cases in San Francisco may be that those involved look to dig their heels in and hold out for as long as is necessary in order for them to secure the settlement terms that they want. Yet often this “winner-take-all” attitude misses the general purpose of divorce proceedings, which is to formally end a marriage with both sides leaving in similar financial positions. While that might include one spouse paying their other alimony, such assistance is not meant to serve as punishment against that spouse, but rather a temporary means for the other to support themselves until they are able to secure gainful employment. 

Unfortunately, this may not be understood by all who are going through a divorce. Such is the impression some may have after learning the demands made by a former reality television star of his soon-to-be ex-wife (who is also a reality TV celebrity). She filed for divorce earlier this year, then attempted to reconcile. Her attempts apparently proved to be futile as she re-filed a month later. Yet she claims that he is intentionally holding up the proceedings by refusing to sign the divorce paperwork until his demand of receiving spousal support (along with 40 percent of her assets) is met. 

There are several cases in which a request for alimony may be perfectly legitimate, while others may give off the impression that one side is simply trying to punish their ex-spouse financially. Recognizing which is which in a divorce case may be difficult. Thus, one’s chances of earning (or disputing) alimony payments may be better served if they have the experience of a family law attorney to rely on.