Custody exchange ends in shooting

Sadly, it may not be all that uncommon to see negative feelings become a huge factor in child custody cases in San Francisco. Parents may allow tensions with each other to overwhelm they desire to act in the best interest of their kids. When this happens, seemingly simple things like phone calls, text messages and even brief encounters can devolve in ugly fights. It is for this very reason that parents who share discord for each other be smart in the management of their kids’ custody. This may include avoiding situations where they are alone together by making sure any forced interactions (such as custody exchanges) occur in a public place. 

Yet sometimes even that is not enough to avoid trouble. This was clearly evidenced in a fight that broke out in the parking lot of a Walmart in Illinois. Before all was said and done, a man was shot and several others were hit with shattering glass. Thankfully, the man’s injuries were not said to be life-threatening. 

Witnesses to the altercation say that it began as an argument over a custody exchange (although whether or not the child (or children) at the center of the dispute were present at the time of the incident was not reported). Authorities say that one person was taken into custody stemming from their role in the altercation. 

It may be difficult to ask separated or divorced parents to set aside their negative feelings for each other in order to manage their custodial situation amicably. Often, they may need help from others to ensure that things between stay under control. Such assistance may be secured with the help of an experienced family law attorney.