3 genuine reasons for a stepparent to adopt

Merging two families is seldom easy. After all, not only do biological parents, stepparents and stepchildren have to adjust to a new way of life, but they also face a few legal hurdles. Stepparent adoption is often an effective way to make combining families easier. 

Roughly 75% of individuals who divorce eventually remarry. When they do, there is a good chance either they or their new spouse has children from a previous union. While committing to overcoming the obstacles blended families often face is a good idea, you may choose to adopt your stepchildren to ease the transition. Here are three genuine reasons for any stepparent to adopt: 

1. Parental equality 

As you may know, parents in combined families often face a power imbalance. That is, the children’s biological or legal parent may take a primary role in raising the kids. If you look to achieve parental equality, stepparent adoption may help to get you there. 

2. Added security 

Adjusting to a parent’s new relationship can be difficult for children. In fact, they may feel both insecure about the present and uncertain about the future. When you adopt the children, though, you help to alleviate these concerns. Further, if you and your partner ever decide to separate or divorce, adopting ensures the kids continue to have two legal parents. For a variety of reasons, this provides additional security and stability. 

3. Formality 

Parents have to deal with physicians, school administrators, clergy and others when raising kids. If you do not formally adopt your stepchildren, you may have difficulty communicating with officials. You also may lose your ability to see the kids if you end your relationship with your spouse. Either way, adoption is often an effective way to formalize the relationship. 

Choosing to adopt your stepchildren is a personal decision only you can make. Still, if you desire to improve your blended family, opting for adoption may be the right course of action.