Divorcing over 50 becoming new trend: What is behind it?

Statistics released in late 2018 reveal that the marriage and divorce rate dipped for those people considered millennials. At the opposite side of the spectrum, the divorce rate among baby boomers, or those over 50, doubled in the last 25 years.

The reasons behind this gray divorce trend may surprise some, but people who fall in this bracket may not find it a shock. What is causing this rise in couples married 30 plus years?

People expect to live longer

One of the leading reasons people going through gray divorce give for the separation is life expectancy. Now it is not uncommon for people to live 30 or more years after they retire. When faced with this potential extended life, some people find they want more out of a partner.

Opposite interests and energy

Sending all the kids off the college began the empty nest years. While some looked forward to the time, others may have balked at it. When a couple has not seen eye-to-eye in some time, they may fall into a pattern of contentment. However, once retirement comes along and both spend more time together, they may come to realize they no longer have anything in common. One spouse may want to travel while the other is happy sitting at home watching TV for days or weeks or months at a time. This diversion in interests and loss of common ground leads many boomers to seek a life partner elsewhere.

Subsequent marriages often end in divorce

Second marriages hold onto the top spot when it comes to the divorce rate. This is especially true for baby boomers. Many boomers have already entered into a second or third marriage. Statistically speaking, the divorce rate among remarried couples is 2.5 times higher than first marriage couples. The length of the subsequent marriage also plays a key role in this startling stat.

No matter the age of the couple, divorce takes a toll. It is one of the most stressful life events second only to the death of a loved one. It is wise to speak with a professional about the effects embarking on a gray divorce entails.