Custody battle brewing between home improvement show star and ex

San Francisco couples that choose to divorce might think that their associations with each other have ended. That may not be the case, however, if two people have children together. The reality is that they may need to continue to work together to ensure that the best interests of their kids is protected. Part of that is having equal access to both parents. Ensuring that such access continues might potentially influence decisions that divorced parents want to make in their own individual lives, as whatever they do must be viewed with the perspective of how that might influence their ex-spouse’s relationship with their kids. 

The ex-husband of a popular home improvement-show star is alleging that her recent actions have restricted his access to the 3-year old son the couple shares. This has prompted him to file for sole custody of the child. The father claims that the mother’s decision to move to California from Michigan was done to purposely make custody exchanges with him more difficult. He also cites some of her parenting tactics are solely to keep him and the child apart. For example, the mother has continued to breastfeed the child while also encouraging baby-led weaning. The father has used these examples as reasons as to why he believes she is an unfit mother. 

The hope is that divorced parents can put their differences aside in order to continue to cultivate a nurturing relationship for their children. Yet given the emotion that often is associated with a divorce, that may not be possible. Sometimes divorcees will legitimately believe it to be in their kids’ bests interests to seek full custody (and even restrict the other parent’s access to them). Those looking to make such an argument may want to enlist the services of an experienced attorney.