Applying for a passport with back child support

Falling behind on child support payments can result in many different consequences and we have gone over some on this blog. From financial ramifications to the loss of a person’s good reputation, parents who are unable to stay current on their child support obligations may go through a number of difficulties. However, there are other reasons why it is important to pay child support. Not only do non-custodial parents who fall behind on these obligations have to worry about possibly being taken into custody, but they could be unable to obtain a U.S. passport, which can be especially upsetting for those who have had travel plans in place.

Owing a certain amount of unpaid child support will mean that a passport application will be held up and current passports will be revoked. Not only can this prevent someone from going on a vacation they may have been planning for years, but it can also spell disaster for those who were planning on traveling for business purposes or wanted to head to another country in order to attend an important family event, such as a funeral or a loved one getting married.

Fortunately, parents can restore their passport eligibility by making a payment plan and getting caught up on the child support they owe. Moreover, this problem can be avoided by modifying a child support order before one falls behind, so long as significant financial changes have occurred and one is eligible for modification.

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