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How can I know if my spouse is hiding money?

If you are like a lot of married couples in California, one person may take the lead in handling your family's finances. This might be because one of you has particular expertise in this area or because one of you has a history of not managing money well. Regardless of the reason, Forbes indicates that this type of imbalance may open the door for the person who takes care of the money to hide assets from the other person. This can be especially harmful to one's finances if this happens leading up to a separation or divorce. 

Debt, divorce and bankruptcy

Spouses in California who are experiencing significant financial challenges and who are also contemplating ending their marriages may need to carefully assess their options for how to manage their debt before making any decisions. Some people might need to consider filing for bankruptcy but they should understand some of the ramifications of doing this before or after they file for divorce.

Managing your mortgage in a divorce

People in California who have known other couples that got divorced may have witnessed these couples selling their homes during the divorce process. It is common for this to happen although selling a home is not a requirement of getting divorced. Understanding the factors involved in the decision about what to do with a home when a marriage ends is important for anyone who may be headed toward divorce.

Getting what you want in an uncontested divorce

Divorce can be contentious, no matter how much you and your soon-to-be-ex-spouse are willing to cooperate with each other to get it over with. At the Ruben Law Firm, we know that this is a difficult time in your life. We also know that uncontested divorce can benefit many couples. For you and other Californians, an uncontested option may be better than litigation, depending on your situation.

What are grounds for divorce in California?

When may be surprised when attempting to seek a divorce from your spouse in San Francisco to be asked for the grounds you are using to justify this action. "Grounds for divorce" have typically associated with assigning fault to one party to as marriage for its break-up. Yet you have probably heard that California is a no-fault state when it comes to divorce. Why is it, then, that you need to cite grounds if the state does not care who is at fault regarding the end of your marriage

Common issues with spousal support

Many Californians assume that divorces without children involved generally see smooth sailing. While this observation is true in some cases, determining spousal support after divorce can be an incredibly complex process. It can be helpful to not only clarify common terms in this procedure, but to learn more about state-specific guidelines when it comes to spousal support. 

Do I have any options in receiving alimony?

Monthly alimony payments can be a double-edged sword. You want the money but would rather not have the reminder of a failed marriage at the first of every month. Even more than the reminder, you do not want to worry about whether you will receive a support payment this month, or next month or the month after. Do you have any options in a California divorce?

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