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Funding kids' college after a divorce

Residents in California who are getting a divorce while their kids are still in elementary, middle or high school should add funding higher education to the list of topics they must address as part of their divorce negotiations. Even parents with very young children should focus on this, despite how far away college may feel at the time of their divorce. There may be no legal way to require a former spouse to contribute to this effort without it being documented in a divorce decree.

How and why would I apply for a child support modification?

Child support is an important part of being a single parent with primary custody in California. However, even when you are receiving the full amount of child support the court ordered during your divorce, you might still have difficulty making ends meet. Is it possible to get my child support increased, you may wonder?

What is the best way to use your child support payments?

When you and your former spouse reach an agreement about how much child support you will receive each month in California, you may immediately begin considering what you will use the money for. One of the most important things to remember is to never count on receiving child support payments when you create your budget. This way, you are not struggling to make ends meet if there is a month when your ex is delinquent on payments. 

California's child support formula

Many in San Francisco may look at cases in which divorced parents are obliged to pay child support and wonder exactly how the court comes up with the amount that is owed each month. The U.S. Census Bureau reports that as recently as 2015, $33.7 billion was owed in child support. Every state has its own method for determining how much of an individual's obligation will contribute to that amount. 

How can I locate my ex for child support?

It is any custodial parent’s nightmare: My ex-spouse has disappeared and is not making child support payments. I need that money to help feed, clothe and shelter my child—what should I do? What can I do? In California, the Department of Child Support Services is your first and best resource for help.

Applying for a passport with back child support

Falling behind on child support payments can result in many different consequences and we have gone over some on this blog. From financial ramifications to the loss of a person's good reputation, parents who are unable to stay current on their child support obligations may go through a number of difficulties. However, there are other reasons why it is important to pay child support. Not only do non-custodial parents who fall behind on these obligations have to worry about possibly being taken into custody, but they could be unable to obtain a U.S. passport, which can be especially upsetting for those who have had travel plans in place.

The vicious cycle of child support plans in america

Many Californians are aware of the stigma attached to one's failure to pay child support. However, those experiencing issues with regular payments know the severity of the situation; after all, a child's entire wellbeing could be placed on the line with only a few missed monthly payments. Despite the seriousness of this issue, there are some shocking truths to today's child support system that could help clarify current obstacles. 

When past due payments become a misdemeanor

No matter what type of expense may arise, financial support in a child custody arrangement can be crucial. California parents who are experiencing difficulties in receiving the proper amount of payments - or support altogether - have valid concerns for their children. Timely payments may not seem a major aspect of a child support process, but just one missed payment could place a child's health, educational goals and even safety on the line. 

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