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How can I prepare for an adoption home study?

Adoptive and foster parents must go through many steps before they can welcome children into their homes. The home study is a crucial part of the process, as you and your spouse will be rigorously vetted to ensure you're fully prepared to take on child-rearing responsibilities. Because the process can be a bit intimidating, offers the following information to help you prepare. 

Understanding the UCCJEA

Divorce proceedings in San Francisco can easily become emotionally charged, prompting those going through the process to want to distance themselves from each other as much as possible. Your ex-spouse wanting to move away may not be unexpected, yet also hoping to take the kids with them can complicate matters. Parental relocation immediately brings up the issue of jurisdiction. Many that come to us here at the Ruben Law Firm are concerned that their exes' decisions to relocate are motivated by which states they believe offer them the best shot at a favorable custody ruling. This prompts the question of how concerned should you be if your ex-spouse seems to to be shopping for a preferred custodial jurisdiction? 

What are your rights as a grandparent?

One of the greatest gifts that your children can give you are grandchildren. Your love for them can often be equally as strong as that which they share with their parents. The same may often be said about the relationship you establish with them in San Francisco. Is it fair, then, that your rights to have access to your grandkids change when familial circumstances shift? 

Reviewing the issue of parental relocation

Following a divorce, one may feel a strong desire to move away from San Francisco. The pain of separation may still be fresh for some, and seeing reminders of their married days might prolong that pain, A move represents a clean break and a chance to start over in a new area. Americans in general are movers; information shared by Psychology Today that 16 percent of Americans change residents every calendar year. Yet if one has children with his or her ex-pouse, moving away can suddenly become quite complicated. 

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