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December 2019 Archives

Why and how to create a premarital agreement

Couples may want to sign premarital agreements before their weddings that detail how they will divide any property in case of divorce. Some might even want to consider a cohabitation agreement, which can set out expectations if a couple is moving in together instead of marrying. However, it is important that both parties participate in the creation of these agreements and that they are happy with the division of property specified.

Ways fathers can counteract possible child custody discrimination

Traditional views that long upheld mothers as the only appropriate caregivers for children have left fathers with deep concerns when they pursue child custody. The court decisions made by previous generations in California frequently discounted the parenting abilities of men. Attitudes toward fathers have changed in recent years, and family law recognizes their parental rights. Fathers can and do gain full or shared custody of their children, but judges with old-fashioned beliefs still exist. To prepare for the potential of parental discrimination, fathers should gather as much evidence as possible to support their bids for child custody.

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