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October 2019 Archives

Domestic assault in Orange County lands man in jail

far too many people in San Francisco may currently be suffering from abuse at the hands of their spouses. For those hearing details of an abusive marriage from the outside, the solution to ending said abuse seems simple: the domestic violence victim simply needs to leave. Yet domestic abusers often exercise a great deal of control over their victims (especially when they are married). They may control the couple's finances and their other resources, leaving their victims completely dependent on them. As if control is not enough, many may also use fear as a method of ensuring that their spouses never leave. 

What happens to home equity when you divorce?

When you and your ex decided to purchase a home together, you probably did so under the assumption that you two would stay together in that home for the foreseeable future. In many instances, though, marriages come to an end. If yours is among them, you need to figure out what to do with your shared asset.

Do I need a forensic accountant?

If you and your spouse in California are getting a divorce, you know that dividing your assets and your debts will be something you need to do. Finding a way to agree on the value of different assets is an important part of this process and must be done before you make a final decision about who will receive what assets or who will be responsible for which debts. There are some situations in which the determination of asset value can be anything but straightforward. These are times when the use of a forensic accountant may be useful to you.

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