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March 2019 Archives

How can I know if my spouse is hiding money?

If you are like a lot of married couples in California, one person may take the lead in handling your family's finances. This might be because one of you has particular expertise in this area or because one of you has a history of not managing money well. Regardless of the reason, Forbes indicates that this type of imbalance may open the door for the person who takes care of the money to hide assets from the other person. This can be especially harmful to one's finances if this happens leading up to a separation or divorce. 

Details matter for a prenuptial agreement

Dating or engaged couples in California who are wondering if a prenuptial agreement might help them should get the facts about what can make a marital contract most beneficial to them. They should also learn about what might make a prenup invalid so they can avoid this type of pitfall. 

How can joint-custody benefit kids?

When parents file for divorce, children are often forced to go through the process as well. It can be extremely difficult for children to experience the separation of their family and learn to live in different households. Child custody and parenting plans are developed to lessen the impact of divorce on children and to ensure kids are able to spend time with both parents, even after the family has separated. While some children are placed in the sole-custody of one parent, others are put in joint-custody of both parents. There is evidence that children who are placed in joint-custody arrangements may reap the benefits of having access to both parents on a regular basis.

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