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November 2018 Archives

Temporarily modifying your custody agreement

Child custody matters can often become contentious, which can add undue stress to the already stressful situation that you and your children are experiencing. This is why (when possible), we encourage those who come to see us here at the Ruben Law Firm to attempt to work through such issues amicably with their ex-spouse's. No matter the negative feelings you may feel towards your ex-spouse, the reality is that when you have children together, your association will continue. Ensuring that it is at least respectful will help in dealing with emergency custodial situations when they arise. 

California's child support formula

Many in San Francisco may look at cases in which divorced parents are obliged to pay child support and wonder exactly how the court comes up with the amount that is owed each month. The U.S. Census Bureau reports that as recently as 2015, $33.7 billion was owed in child support. Every state has its own method for determining how much of an individual's obligation will contribute to that amount. 

Understanding palimony

As a California resident, you already likely know that some spouses can receive spousal support when they divorce. But what if you were never legally married and instead have been living with someone without benefit of marriage? Can you receive spousal support if and when your live-in relationship comes to an end? The answer is yes, under certain circumstances, and the reason is because of California’s unique palimony law.

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