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What are grounds for divorce in California?

When may be surprised when attempting to seek a divorce from your spouse in San Francisco to be asked for the grounds you are using to justify this action. "Grounds for divorce" have typically associated with assigning fault to one party to as marriage for its break-up. Yet you have probably heard that California is a no-fault state when it comes to divorce. Why is it, then, that you need to cite grounds if the state does not care who is at fault regarding the end of your marriage

Can my child and I move out of state after my divorce?

Your California employer just gave you a big promotion with a big salary hike and life is looking great. Only one catch: Your new job is in another state. Since you are a divorced parent, now what? Can you and your child(ren) relocate with no problems? Unfortunately, the answer may depend on how your ex-spouse reacts to your proposed move.

Custody battle brewing between home improvement show star and ex

San Francisco couples that choose to divorce might think that their associations with each other have ended. That may not be the case, however, if two people have children together. The reality is that they may need to continue to work together to ensure that the best interests of their kids is protected. Part of that is having equal access to both parents. Ensuring that such access continues might potentially influence decisions that divorced parents want to make in their own individual lives, as whatever they do must be viewed with the perspective of how that might influence their ex-spouse's relationship with their kids. 

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